Meeting Every Friday

@ 19:00 – 20:30 For Accelerate


@20:00 – 21:30 For Uprising

Uprising YouthEvery Friday night from 19:00 our Teens and our young adults get together with a common agenda, to seek God, build relationships, and rise up with passion and purpose for the Lord.

These nights are also very fun, creative, and full of God.

The vision is to be ‘out of the ordinary’ and to prove that God is more than enough for a young generation and to live as the world does is actually boring, meaningles and ordinary. There is nothing ordinary about our God and there is nothing ordinary about a young person set on Him.

So if you’re aged between 11-15 then head on over to the Ruby lounge for 19:00!

And if you’re aged 15 and over then head on over for 20:00!

                                            We all look forward to seeing you there!


Please contact us for details: